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Six Flags Parent Zoom Information

FYI:  Recording devices are in use for Check In & on the Buses!

All school age employees 14 through high school, ages 19 and under, must have a parent or guardian ZOOM for INFORMATION regarding the rules and regulations below to use our service. 

Please note,  decisions made by H2HTLLC in response to riders ABC's:  Attitude, Behavior, and Character are final.   As riders enter the workforce, this is great training ground for learning to respect workplace rules and demonstrate professionalism - especially whereby safety is of paramount importance.  Thank you for helping ensure your child is responsible and reads the policies and procedures pertaining to his/her job. * 

Join H2HTLLC Parent Informational Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 699 076 0795

Passcode: 626255

Please Join us for 1 of the following 2 times Only:

 Sunday's Only @ 8 AM or 8PM

Questions Email:

Emergencies Only:  314-978-3225


Do it the safe way.

Do it the right way.

Do it everyday! Knowing safety is not enough!

Be a careful worker, and always THINK safety.    

Even greater - PRACTICE IT!

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