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Reunions, Tours, Weddings, Wineries, Daycares, and More!  Are you interested in a transportation service with years of experience?  We make it a point to ensure you get the highest quality service around the clock.  Our tour services are set apart from the rest by our consistency, reliability, communication and quality.  Every member of our team is highly qualified, skilled, work is timely and satisfaction is guaranteed.
*Once reservations confirmed, Square invoices are sent.  Deposits may be made by Credit Card on this page, also.  Click Donate button above to enter amount.  Thank you!

         Sweetie Pies
         St. Louis Zoo
      (Lake of the Ozarks)
        Science Center
       Airport Pick ups
  Cardinals & Blues events
           Fast Eddie's
     SugarFire Restaurant
    Gourmet Soul
     Airport to Downtown   

Contact Information ALL 4 REQUIRED (Name, Business/Organization, Email address & Phone number)
Date Transportation Service Requested
Shuttle Service Vehicle Required (choose based on event/service needed)
44 Passenger shuttle
32 Passenger Shuttle
27 Passenger w/table & Open seating
25 Passenger shuttle
24 Passenger leather luxury coach
15 Passenger van
Destination (location name & address)
Itinerary Details. Please tell us the details of your excursion. The more we know, the better we are able to provide you with the BEST price quote. Click all that apply.
One Way: Nonstop
One Way: 1-3 stops along the route
Round Trip: Nonstop
Round Trip: 1-3 stops along the route
No shuttle movement upon arrival required.
Shuttle movement upon arrival required.
Departure From (Where will our bus meet you/Pick you up?)
Departure Time (Time you desire to roll out?)
Return Time (Time to leave venue & head to Point of Origin/home?)
Date of Return (Round Trip over night or extended stays ONLY!)
Round Trip Drop Down Menu (Click the # of hours the bus will be in use.)
What Price Range Are YOU Looking For That Will Satisfy YOU and be of FAIR MARKET value to us?
Special Instructions or Requests (i.e. Specific driver or itinerary details etc.)
Policy VIP's: Read and Check to Confirm Knowledge:
All quotes based on minimum 2 hrs. (even if less).
$200 Nonrefundable deposit - deducted from total.
Clean up fee embedded in ALL trip tickets.
14 Day advance Cancellation notice required.
w/14 day cancellations, Refund all $ (-) deposit
Email h2htllc@gmail.com if you have questions.