Heart 2 Heart Transportation, LLC - Six Flags Schedule FYI
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Six Flags Calendar Available at HR or Six Flags Employee Website!
 We will adhere to the SIX FLAGS schedule!  PLEASE SECURE ONE! Times VARY!
May 2018 Calendar Six Flags Amusement Theme Park
Please be reminded - WE STICK TO THE TIMES established on the Six Flags calendar.  WE depart ON TIME - going and coming.  You MUST get in line & board the bus at your ASSIGNED TIME!  You lose your seat, if not, and WE are not responsible for your return home.  Walk on's are first come-first served until full - for all evening departures! TIMES CHANGE, so CHECK times on the days you work! 

*Take the bus AFTER your schedule ends.
June 2018 Calendar Six Flags Amusement Theme ParkEmployees - DO NOT call the H2H transportation company about BUS TIMES.  Secure a calendar!!
North Hanley Metro Link to Six Flags

VIP:  Reservation (online) IS NOT Registration (on site)
           Six Flags to North Hanley Metro Link 
          WALK ON's IF Room - NO guarantees!