Heart 2 Heart Transportation, LLC - Six Flags Rules-NO Exceptions
Heart 2 Heart Transportation, LLC - Transporting and Transforming Lives One Heart At A Time
PLEASE READ:  Rules & Regulations. *Riding Privileges CAN BE Revoked

    We have many years of experience executing your ride to Six Flags in Eureka, MO.  We know you want to ride in comfort, arrive safely and timely, and enjoy a little peace and relaxation along the way.  All the reason to BOOK YOUR SEAT today!  All departures are from the North Hanley Metrolink (4398 Hanley, Rd., Berkeley, MO).
     All passengers using our service automatically consent to abide by the strict adherence of the Conduct Code established and agreed upon through employment at Six Flags and a purchased seat though Heart 2 Heart Transportation, LLC.  Ridership is a privilege and may be revoked from any person whose conduct WE DEEM to be disorderly, disruptive, disrespectful, unsafe or in poor taste. 

The Conduct Code includes, but is not limited to, the following while using our bus(es):  *READ Carefully
  • NO profanity, use of the N-word, put downs, or  NO weapons (guns, knives, etc.)
  • NO bullying, fighting, threatening others, or stealing *Turn in lost & found items! 
  • NO replacement of lost or stolen tickets.  Clients must be and are responsible for their upkeep and security.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • NO eating food or drinking drinks w/o the owner's permission
  • NO drugs or alcohol (including cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos)
  • NO refusal to board a bus or deboarding once on- cell phone chargers or not<-VIP!!
  • NO disrespect or disregard of driver and/or their request or directives<---VIP!!
  • NO damaging vehicles or destruction of any of our property.**
  • NO walk on riders allowed.  You must ride or register in the morning!  
  • You MUST ride the bus for the time you designate.  Failure to do so=forfeit your seat!
  • HEADPHONES must be worn to listen to music.  Additionally, keep all phone conversations low.
**Damage to Property Assessment Fee!   
Please note we reserve the right to attach a destruction fee for destruction or vandalism to our property.    A one-time $5 fee will be assessed and imposed to ALL riders should damage occur.  The guilty party will be banned! We hope this fine will thwart future damage and encourage riders to implement the "neighborhood watch" philosophy to protect the transportation's ability continue to operate in a safe and comfortable manner.